About Me

So, if you've found this off google, probably through googling 'bullet punch' to find its Bulbapedia article or something, and seeing this and going 'oh wow, a whole website about Scizor', then welcome. Its not a whole website about Scizor, though, because Scizor only has two movesets and that's not enough for me to write about.

Moving on from that, my name is Peter Loney, though I mostly go by either Pete278 or Captain Salty Pete online and in tournaments. The second wasn't coined by me, and I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a negative term, but I roll with my punches, so I adopted it. I'm a pirate competitve fighting game player (that's a pirate who plays competitive fighting games, not someone who plays games about pirates), but also play other games casually, like TF2 and WoW. I'm also a big fan of the best game ever, Deus Ex, and its sequel, Deus Ex 3 (weird they skipped 2, isn't it?). I watch probably too much anime when that time should be spent practicing combos, but I do also watch normal television sometimes, since I'm a Doctor Who fanboy.

Anyway, point is, this is my blog, about me in my day to day video gaming. Most of it will be about fighting games, mostly Marvel vs Capcom 3 (because its the best thing ever), with BlazBlue, Street Fighter 4 and Arcana Heart following behind. In addition, as the name suggests, I also play Pokemon, my favourites being Snorlax/カビゴン and Wobbuffet/ソーナンス, and thankfully Gen 5 has made Wobbuffet back to mediocre (though I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing) and I'm now allowed to use him again.

List of mains:
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Currently Spiderman/Tron/Wesker, will inevitably change with the release of Ultimate to Frank/x/x
Street Fighter 4: Dudley, seconding Oni
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: SA1 Hugo (like a boss)
BlazBlue: Platinum the Trinity
Melty Blood: F-Maids and C-Hisui
Arcana Heart 3: Metal-Kira