Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping it Classy

So I've decided to just 'suck it up, princess' and put effort into an SF4 character. I like Oni and all, but I only really played him because he was a super saiyan that didn't require much tech skill for cr.lp cr.lp cr.mp xx tatsu combos. But, with Ultimate so close yet so far away, I'm hardly going to be putting time into MvC3, so I figured I might as well try and learn something for OHR. So, assuming I don't bitch out, I'll be playing Dudley at OHR (like I've been wanting to since Super came out in the first place, such a failure). I obviously won't be doing combo video-style links with him, but I'm sure I can get the basic bnbs (i.e. cr.lk cr.lp st.hp xx machine gun blow into jugglesss) down in time. Plus, Dudley is a nice character for me to be putting effort into, since getting better with a character like him will help me get better at any game I try to play, since he needs fundamentals, tech skill and mixups to work well. So, when I put it like that, its hard to decide to not play him. 

Also, if I can't get Frank West gimmicks down in time for OHR (i.e. levelling shenanigans, but I'm sure I'll be able to) I'll just play the cheapest thing I can find, since I'd be letting down AsG otherwise. I'll try and record videos of whatever shenanigans I can find (from any character, really, not just Frank) but they definitely won't be uploaded until after OHR, since I'm a stingy bastard like that. By that time, I imagine everything I find will have been found, but oh well. You never know, Vlade might find something useful. :P


  1. Oh I'll find useful stuff don't you worry

  2. Yeah, He'll figure out which way we need to hold to block or something.

  3. Berserker Slash has been nerfed as well, so now Alister's truism will apply more often.