Tuesday, February 8, 2011

May our blessings sever the tongues of the forsaken

Not much has really happened so far. Still can't decide on my main in AH3, cleaned my desk, applied for a tax file number (which means, shock horror, Pete will actually apply for a job soon) and started learning some of the stock phrases from All Will Be One (only in text at the moment, I can't get the accent right..), particularly 'We are perfection made flesh', which will be written down the left hand side of the custom gamemat I'm working on making at the moment. Note that my drawing capabilities leave something to be desired, so the gamemat will be terribly ugly, but whatever.

Also started digitally working on modifying card faces, so that I can make that Elesh Norn deck with cards printed entirely in Phyrexian. And, best of all, as long as the art is sufficiently recognizable, they'll be tournament legal! I'll be able to win FNM for the glory of the Father of Machines! 

But yeah, for the moment, nothing really going on. Word on the street is Pot Black has AE, so I'll have to test that out, and will post on it once I find out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More on Pete's AH3 Experience

So, yeah, I've tried out pretty much the whole cast now, though I'll admit I haven't tried every arcana yet (particularly Mirror, I haven't even considered it yet because I'm not nearly librarian enough yet), and, although I'm still liking Lilica, Kira and Lieselotte are really sticking with me (as they did in AH2, so, yeah, don't know what I was expecting to happen). I probably don't have the tech skill necessary for Lieselotte, or the dedication (since MvC3 will inevitably consume me, no matter how much I want to play AH3), so that brings it down to Kira and Lilica. Based entirely on appearance, as well, they're both awesome (demons <3 and sukumizu <3), so yeah, I'll feel good regardless of which I go with. More updates for the few of you that actually care tomorrow, though tomorrow will probably be a Magic update day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pete's Amazing Room

Pictures should explain it all, really:

Easily the largest post I've ever made, in terms of megabytes.