Wednesday, March 2, 2011


*insert picture of dizzy Tron here*

Quite frankly, that should be all I need to make for this blog post, but I'm going to a bit nicer and elaborate: as some of you may know, I'm a big Tron Bonne fan. 14 year old dominatrices are hot, just saying. Well, they're not hot yet, since they're illegal in most of the world, but they'll grow up to be hot. And so, Tron being usable in MvC3 both as her old assist whore form with a new face, Gustaff Flame (more usable than it was in MvC2!) and on point with j.C shenanigans (hence the post) makes me feel good. Her needing an OTG assist to increase her damage output to stupid levels made me less so, but then I remembered Wesker's Samurai Edge serves that purpose and Wesker does, indeed, frighten me. Finally, I'd already decided on Spidey because the wall-crawler is one of my favourite Marvel heroes because I'm also a socially poor nerd who got bitten by a spider while on a science field trip once. Also because he's pretty fast, his comboes are semi-easy when you have an OTG assist and mixups galore with Gustaff Flame assist. 

But, yeah, back to Mahvel, posting is interrupting precious training time.