Monday, January 31, 2011

I can't control it!

If you don't get the post name, its what Phoenix says when she onmnomnoms your 5 bars of meters and comes back as Dark Phoenix, i.e. her Resurrection. Get it? Man, I'm so funny.

Anyway, WACE ended, I didn't have much to post about while fear I may have screwed up consumed me, until results came back. I got an 88 ATAR, but mucked up English, so I had to sit the STAT. Again, nothing to post while fear consumed me, until I got in the top 1% of the state. So, then I had little time between that and uni offers, so I had to set up my uni application. I got into my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science double degree course, and I'll be majoring in Japanese and Physics, as I wanted to. So, after setting up my units, getting my student card, and officially enrolling, I'm finally done setting myself up for uni, and ready to waste time posting on here again.

I haven't actually played Pokemon much at all for a while, so the name isn't really all too appropriate anymore, but eh, I've already paid for another year on it, so screw it, its staying. I'm back into Magic, which will give me something to post about and something to make more people read, which are -both- things I enjoy (supposedly) doing. I went 4-1 at the MBS prerelease and scored myself a Blightsteel Colossus, for those that care. He'll be staying in my possession, but the Skithyrix and Green Sun's Zenith I opened will both be sold to feed my need for money, and to pay Azli off. On that note, anyone who's got any Sliver legends they wish to sell me for my Sliver EDH deck, please throw me a message. Particularly Sliver Overlord, since we all know he's the best commander for Slivers, since he tutors up the other two, but I don't have any at the moment, which makes running the deck completely impossible. I'm also missing a few other important Slivers, but I'm okay with proxying them. Proxying the general is a no go, though. Oh, Sliver MPR tokens are good too, so if you've got any of them, cheers. They'd be nice alongside my Brood Sliver, nice and official.

In terms of fighting games this weekend, I got 5th at Waicon and inspired a bunch of salt in one Klayton. Unfortunately, I'm too broke to do a hype made money match, but whatever. Next tournament, maybe.  Andrew Salanki's SSF4 tournament featuring Pete vs Klayton $50 money match. I'd like to do a Gief/Haggar cosplay next year at waicon, but it'd be hard to do EXTREME MANLINESS and a crossplay in the same weekend, so I'll have to get a chest wig or something. We'll see how it goes. In addition, I've pretty much settled on Lilica as my main for AH3 at the moment, and I'm liking Luck Arcana, partially because I like leaving it to chance, partially because I doubt people can take advantage of the random CHs on me, and partially because of the mad oki that dice gives you. But, yeah, arcana's likely to change, I'll give Wind a shot next.

Obviously, like everyone else ever, I'm incredibly hyped for Marvel vs Capcom 3, and I'm looking forward to trying a starting team of Haggar/:Lei-Lei/Morrigan, though Weng has been pushing me to actually stick to a theme and go Team Darkstalkers, which I'll probably give a shot anyway. I'll also probably give MSS a shot, mind you, since scrubs be mad salty about the 'fucking god tier team that all the f*g scrubs will play and win with no skill', despite the game not being out yet and, just a guess, they probably got nerfed. Plus, who knows, maybe it'll be fun.

Lastly, on the anime side of things, I picked up a ton of Tsukihime stuff at Waicon, including a deliciously cute Phantasmoon figure, and pictures will be up of all my new stuff and my entire room put together as it is (in case you missed something new being added). In addition, work on my cosplay for Supanova (and probably being reused at Waicon next year) will be posted here as it gets done (i.e. very, very slowly).

On one last final note, does anyone know of any manga about traps that I probably don't know about? Please send me any names, cheers.

Until next time, for the Sliver Hive and for the Queen.