Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Actual Episode of PPPP (ft. Trav)!

So, here we have PPPP (ft. Trav) episode 1, rather than the Testy Test Test one earlier. This episode, we interview the always astounding Alister (or Vlade, to those of you on the boards not from Perth). Note that Andre screwed up the early bits with constant messaging on Skype, but once we told him the fuck off, its fine. Feel free to skip those parts if you can't stand it.

If you want to know what Andre was saying, here's the chat log:

Mr. Testy McTest

I has stolen a template (cheers Dennis/Michael/Mark :P). Here's the test (i.e. kind of first, but not really first) episode of Pete's Perfect Prosecutor Podcast (ft. Trav) or, if you prefer, Kid's Time Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Home and Away. Enjoy. :P

EI3 Info!

This is for you guys who want to be in the group just to see what's going on. Much easier than 'taking up space' in the group, and trying to go through tons of 'maybe this' and 'maybe that', no?

For those of you who read my blog and don't know (i.e. nobody), EI3 is Eastern Invasion 3, an upcoming Perth-held tournament that hopes to eclipse and devour the largest Australian tournaments, and eventually become a standard for Australian national tournaments of the fightan variety. While its held by the Smash Community, input is being received from OzHadou (though fairly minor at the moment, since we're discussing things that don't really need input even from the Smash Community) to make it more than just a Smash national: an Australian Evo of sorts.

This obviously leads to the two centrepiece games being Super Smash Bros. Brawl and (due to the time it'll be held), Super Street Fighter 4. Melee is the only other game we've confirmed as an event at this point in time, and other fighting games are being nominated and discussed by the group as we speak. Some of the nominees so far are:
  • Brawl+ (a mod for Brawl that increases hitstun, allowing for more combos, and balances the character so pretty much the entire cast is viable, except Ivysaur because nobody likes him)
  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom (a 'sequel' to Marvel vs Capcom 2, the legendary insane combo crossover game, which was easily one of the fastest fighting games ever. Its more balanced, retains a good portion of the speed, but also lets people get out of absurd combos fairly well with a Mega Crush system, to prevent brokenness)
  • Tekken 6 (Tekken, the world's main and really, the only, 3D fighter, has been reborn in competition 'recently' with Bloodline Rebellion finally killing Dark Resurrection off entirely. Time will tell if its as balanced as DR, but it certainly maintains the awesome juggles, and great cast. (It has a bloody bear, what more do you want?))
  • BlazBlue (another spiritual successor, this time to the famous Guilty Gear XX, renowned as one of the best fighting games of all time due to its deep gameplay and good balance, despite a unique cast. While BlazBlue changes the engine slightly to revolve around oki and wakeup games, and has a smaller cast, Continuum Shift is well balanced, and maintains the uniqueness of every single character.).
Though, in all likelihood, at least one more nominee will crop up. While I've suggested the idea of a fan poll on both Smashboards and OzHadou to decide the remaining games, that hasn't gone any further yet, and it may remain on the committee to decide. Give me your inputs if you want to make sure they go through.

Now that the awesome stuff (i.e. the games being played, which let's be honest, is what gets you excited), we're onto the more 'boring' stuff now. A specific date hasn't been decided, other than it'll be held in January 2011. I suggested 9th-11th so I could have a national on my birthday, but I don't think anyone cares about that. While a venue hasn't really been decided yet, Kane has suggested a cinema we could get access to via one of his many, many contacts, which would also lend itself to an awesome finals (on the big screen!). The specifics of a stream haven't been discussed, but we will try within the entirity of our power to get a good quality stream up for everyone out there who wants to watch the best of Australia. ;)

There is some more suggestions I have, which I figured (since they rely more on community input) would be better off here than the committee, to see whether or not they're actually worth it. First of all, it would be possible for a nicely layed out DVD of all the finals to be released, which, though it might cost a small amount, would have all the finals in the full quality they were recorded in, which matters particularly with the pretty games like BlazBlue and Tekken. Secondly (and lastly for the moment, so as to not overload you people with awesome suggestions), though the event is primarily fighting, a good portion of the Australian Brawl community likes Pokemon. Thus, for those of you who read this for the Poking Men, would you be able to set up an actual DS team in time for the tournament, and if so, would you attend?

EDIT: So, it looks like a consensus was reached. The 'final' (for the moment) roster is:

  • Brawl
  • Melee
  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom
  • Super Street Fighter 4
  • Tekken 6
  • BlazBlue
Though, this could hypothetically change.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Final Smashes - Viable or not?

Really, all items were banned indiscriminately because some proved to be broken. Yes, I agree, the random spawning of items can damage combo progression, and thus ruin the game flow. However, Smash Orbs are different. They can't mess up combos, as they can't prevent movement and don't cause damage. They can't really prevent a gamewin to the more skillful player, because the Orb spawned over his opponent's head, as only a few Smashes can really be used at any time, and those can still be avoided (Snake's, Wario's and Sonic's are the only ones that come to mind). To further add to that, the other player can still make it over and break the Orb/prevent them from activating the vast majority of the time. Really, its got less random variables than the ghosts on Yoshi's Island.

Arguments with me are always fun, because, as my msn name indicates, I have a psychological compulsion to be the devil's advocate, regardless of argument. Hell, I've supported the side of Christians before, all in the spirit of good debate. So, me and Trav did debate this topic, then moved onto the viability of each individual character's final smash. Though we were rudely interrupted by my net failing, I'll sum up the conversation so far, going in the order of the tier list.

Metaknight starts off with his Galaxia Darkness, a fairly short ranged (relative to other Final Smashes. Relative to normal attacks, its quite good) killing move, that does 40%-42% on hit, but also does 20% on miss, giving you a good pat on the back if you misread them and fucked up with it. However, he's fairly vulnerable afterwards, and its not too easy to setup compared to other Smashes of its kind. It goes through super armour, which is a plus, but its just not that good by comparison. Like Metaknight needs it, anyway.

Snake's juggling machine, the Grenade Launcher, is great for killing...if you can get them in the air. On the ground, its fairly easy to dodge, though one hit sets them up for a flurry of death into the sky. The reload time can interfere with that fairly badly, though. Even if it doesn't get a kill, with 18% each grenade hit, the juggling does set them up for an easy utilt or ftilt kill. Overall, its also not that good, but there's nothing to really compare it to.

Warioman is really, to sum it up, rediculous. One hit sets up a combo of mass damage and killing potential with Warioman's unstoppable juggling potential, and if you kill them and have time to spare, a full fart OHKOs the entire cast from him. Even a jab can easily set up anything, and with usmash's vacuum properties, its easy to hit with now as well. Hell, even dsmash is viable. Really, it needs no further elaboration than fair > uair > fair is a rising combo, and Warioman doesn't lose altitude if he's using his aerials constantly.

Really, Nintendo could've been way more original with Falco. I mean, come on, Arwing anyone? But, he gets the best Landmaster by far, with its unique ability to star KO by flying off the top. Its pretty hard to avoid, since its fast and big, though platforms/lips can fuck it over due to the size and its occasional unwieldability. Overall though, its better than Metaknight's and Snake's, I'd say, due to sheer inescapability in the end.

Diddy got a very nice damage racking option in Rocketbarrel Barrage, but when compared to some others, its not that impressive. It leaves him helpless at the end, so they can get some free damage if they can avoid it. There's no real knockback except from hitting Diddy, which is kinda hard for the Diddy player to set up since he's not moving -that- quickly. Then again, with Diddy's kill options from bananas, he doesn't really -need- Barrage to kill. Still, though, the part I dislike most is the free damage they get. Without that, it'd be pretty good. With it, its just not impressive.

Though the dance is awesome, the move itself is meh. Waddle Dee Army gets no real damage (Waddle Dees to 2%, Doos do 7%, Gordos do 20%), no knockback from anything except Gordos, and doesn't last long enough for enough Gordos to reliably spawn. Really, the move's just plain bad. Sure, it can still for time, really, but that's about it unless you're opponent is a heavy character with bad dodging skills. Sorry, Dedede.

Critical Hit looks even better because of Waddle Dee Army being so bad, but it really is quite useful. Its easily set up (not true comboable as once thought when the game came out, though, to my knowledge), kills practically any character at practically any percentage (i.e. it won't kill Bowser at 0% on New Pork City), and moves quickly. The only downside is, if they read it, it sets you up for gimping, since Marth'll be fairly low down and quite a bit away, letting MK easily take advantage of it. Still, if used in the hands of a skilled player, is pretty damn good.

Does it come as any surprise that an Octopus is better in water? It has faster swim time, ignores the rapids on Japes, and can swim forever. In addition, touching the body knocks you away. Its insane if you can get them in water. It also gives GnW pretty good maneuverability with its psuedo-flying, pretty nice range on the tentacles and can set itself up into a juggle fairly well, like Snake's. Overall, I'd say its pretty good, as GnW definitely doesn't need additional killing power.

Pikachu used Volt Tackle! Its not very effective... Really, Volt Tackle is too uncontrollable for too little damage, with no real killing potential. Also, hard countered by GnW in the most hilarious way possible. Even if you can control it, its inferior both damage and killing wise to Super Sonic. Also, due to the constant motion, it can get awfully predictable.

If you want damage, you can't really do better than End of Day, made semi-famous in There Will Be Brawl. 47% on a miss is pretty damn good, and if you hit with all three hits, you get over 100% and a probable kill. Really, that's just insane. Plus, with Olimar's great killing ability by waggling on the c-stick means you don't really need the kill, but its always nice to stop people further approaching.

Two great damage Smashes in a row, with Iceberg next. Great zoning ability, with setups for and from (obviously) grabs, and if its possible to chaingrab up the Iceberg, then their chaingrabs can become rediculous for a short period of time. The freezing ability lets you set up just about any kill move, and it can only really be avoided by Metaknight and Pit. Really, this has to be one of the best in the game, maybe even third best below Warioman and Super Sonic.

ROB's is insane - If you can get a grab off. However, with the metagame moving towards more camping and planking, its not exactly the easiest task to get a grab off during the peak time potential. If you can, it does the most of any final smash, but you never will be able to against a skilled opponent who knows the smash. It has good combo potential as well if it lands, and if the entire duration hits it does over 100%, but, really, its just too avoidable.

That's it so far, we'll hit up the remaining characters later. Feel free to discuss this in the Perth Thread, or FFFF, or wherever.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay, so, the video is what I've been working on so far. The wireframes make it easier to see due to Wobbuffet's arms being the exact same tone as his body if there's no light source. All of them so far are walking/dashing animations, except the clapping one, which is his loss animation, standing in the background clapping while the tail wags. It goes Walk: Slow, Walk: Medium, Walk: Fast, Dash (which is the animation to start a run), Run and Loss in that video, for those of you who can't figure out. The Hypercam makes my computer lag, which is why they're going so slow, btw.

Obligatory Time Waster - Part 2

So, the poll should be up now. Feel free to vote away, even abuse the cache to vote as many times as you want (don't really do that). If you need mind-refreshing, scroll down to the post with the videos in it, or, if its gone by that time, click the link to it in the sidebar. There'll be a more...real post later on, probably with info on how Wobbuffet/Sounans is going.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Stuff is picking up in the world of bulletpunch.blogspot.com, and although...wait, what's that? its just www.bulletpunch.com now? By god, you're right! If you got here via a 'You've been redirected' message, that means you weren't aware of this change. Well, now you are! We have a domain name, and its awesome. Only just got it today!

Anyway, although the tournament's constraints prohibited me and Trav from doing the first interview, we should be able to get one at Kane's house if Vladeyboy goes. That'll be the first episode of the great and awesome Pete's Perfect Prosecutor Podcast (ft. Trav) or PPPP (ft. Trav). First episode will be interview Vlade, as the Eastern states haven't met him and I feel he has alot they probably don't listen to, due to that aforementioned lack of national presence. There may also be Luigi/Waluigi or Wobbuffet jokes, or whatever the meme is at the time. Keep your eyes tuned here/my youtube channel for any updates on it. :D

Also on the youtube channel will be more Weegee matches coming up soon. Sorry about the lack of uploading so far, but my internet keeps cutting out just before it finishes, much to my annoyance. Also, sorry Mic, but I haven't finished the picture-in-picture yet, still working out the technicalities. Thanks to you guys who managed to get me awards for it, by the way. It makes me feel pretty awesome. :D

Oh, and for you guys who thought I was just indecisive and lazy, take a look:


This is a picture of the Wobbuffet model in BrawlBox, being editted by yours truly. If you look closely, you can see my msn window with Marty at the bottom, and this blog in Chrome. The walking animations are annoying due to his four little feet, but oh well, its not too difficult. Got one texture so far (shiny Wobbuffet, fairly simple :P), and Marty will hopefully do another for me. :P Once I can get comparisons for hitboxes and properties, PSA will go easily due to my obsessive compulsive nature.

Lastly, to wrap this post up, ads may be coming soon. However, they're targetted ads from Google, so they'll be related to the blog's material. Its mostly an experiment to see how they can get a set of ads from the convoluted insanity that is this blog. Seriously, have you looked at how many topics I've posted about? Its ridiculous.

That's it for now, but rememeber, more content is always coming from the one and only Pete278. Oh, and Level 9 Luigi. And a bit from Trav.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Two more new ultras to discuss: Abel's Breathless and Sagat's Tiger Cannon.

Abel's Breathless (called that because he winds you with a knee to the gut) is a grab where he dashes forward and grabs you, as that would imply. The time he takes before he dashes forward can be changed by holding down the buttons, and apparantly it can be cancelled, but they didn't try it in the video. Being a grab, it won't be comboable, and does fairly bad damage for a grab, but I guess the 'charge' ability of it makes up for that with pressure and mindgames capabilities.

Tiger Cannon is fairly basic, really. Its Metsu Hadouken, but follows the path of a high Tiger Shot, and thus doesn't hit crouchers (it does look fairly big, though, so it may hit crouching Zangief or some such). Tiger Uppercut FADC Tiger Cannon is possible, as shown in the video, but does fairly bad damage as well. Whether that's because comboable/easily setup ultras are toned down or because damage scaling is alot harsher now is unknown as of yet.
Aren't you lucky? I found another video, with even more to analyze!

So, this is all the ultras recorded live in fairly bad quality because ustream sucks quality-wise, most of the time.

To start things off, we have Balrog showing off his new one against Akuma. Akuma's low life makes it look more impressive than it is, really. It looks like a command grab (seems like alot of characters are getting them now) where Balrog grabs you, and headbutts at fairly close range, but it doesn't really do enough damage for it to be an amazing option for Balrog, especially with his current ultra being so easily comboed, relative to this grab. Still, with a bit of a damage buff and a push towards more aggression for Rog in general, this could be a very viable option against characters not named Zangief and T.Hawk.

Cammy's new CQC is up next, with damage bars shown making it alot more impressive than before thought. Since Juri is a girl, she has below 1000 health, but I'd assume 900 for her, so its still pretty impressive damage, and the counter window looks fairly large. Still, her great focus attack at the moment lends her to a more proactive ultra, like her current one, but if that changes, I could see this being used against characters like El Fuerte and such to prevent them from forcing mixups whenever they want, and putting it more on your terms.

Since I can't really tell what Juri's is doing, I won't comment. Looks kinda like Genei Jin, scarily, as she's certainly faster than she was before, movement-wise, but they don't do enough for me to really be able to tell.

Kikosho returns as the next ultra shown, and gets quite a bit of screentime, really. But it looks like it deserves it, comboing off EX Legs as a juggle, doing a fair bit of chip damage to Adon and looking pretty damn safe against him. Gives Chun great options for corner mixups, as this would easily beat most options most characters have, which her current ultra just can't do. The fact it keeps the comboability and loses the whole 'they can fall out of the ultra' thing makes it look like Kikosho will become the better option.

Vega's ultra does quite a bit of damage to Dan relative to its speed, though to be fair, it is fully charged. It starts off fairly quickly, entering into a damn fast slide, so depending on slide distance and maybe fireball immunity (he's fairly low to ground, moreso than usual) it looks infinitely better as a punisher than his current ultra. Presumably they'll make one of them better for combos, or some such. Good to see Vega's ultras are still creepy, though.

Presumably being the Shinku Gadouken buffed up (Metsu Gadouken?), Dan's new ultra looks more like a Kikosho, due to the way his hands form, the giant ball appears and such, though that could be because Vega's right in front of him. Dan gets knocked away from the opponent, so the possibility of oki mixups is lessened, though Dan gets up for Vega's even hit the ground, and his dash is really fast, so its still possible. Koryuken FADC Ultra will be possible now, assuming its counted as a projectile.

Guile gets Sonic Hurricane now, though we don't get to see it in action because the Bison player dodges it both times with his new ultra, which -looks- (can't really tell because Bison moves so quickly on the low frame rate) like a Head Stomp ultra, in which he throws you up and shoots a hole in your chest with psycho energy, then shows off once you hit the ground. Leaves Bison right next to the other player, leaving him in a great position for oki with his mixups, and judging by the psuedo-start up immunity (I can't tell if he's moved out of the way or if the Hurricane's gone through him), could be infinitely better than Bison's current ultra, by way of adding an alternative for blocking on oki/wakeup mixups.

The One Inch Punch looks more like a counter than what it was previously thought to be (either a regular move or a command grab), which is interesting. Damage can't really be told because of Viper's low health and the fact its fully charged both times, but oh well, it'll presumably be high. If they fix his current ultra's lack of comboability where there's supposed to be/should be some, it'll be an interesting choice depending on matchup. Otherwise, definitely this one because his current one just doesn't work.

I assume Guy's 'new' (i.e. second) one is a new rendition of his old 'Shun Goku Satsu', but as I've never seen his supers used, I can't really say for sure. Its definitely a command grab, due to the way Guy quite clearly grabs Cody, and should do quite high damage, but I can't really say much else. Damage is pretty insanulous first time around, but again, fully charged.

Honda's the second character to get a new command grab ultra so far that has a regular command grab, everyone else that's got one only has the ultra. Its an Ochio in which he finishes with a giant Sumo Slam. Fairly quick startup, as would be assumed. Looks to be either 0 or 1 frames, but I can't really tell with the bad framerate. Does disappointing damage to Chun, but hopefully it'll be buffed. Either way, still better than his current ultra, which doesn't really add to his gameplan in any real way, where as this provides great oki to go with the butt slam mixup.

Last but not least, we get Rufus' new ultra, a souped up Galatic Tornado. Either the guy misses the juggle, or it can't juggle, but it really wouldn't be fair for Rufus to get two easily combo'd ultras, so I'd assume the later. Looks unsafe as all hell on block, so even if it does good chip (which it looks like it does) you wouldn't want to use it until you know they'd die from the chip. Assuming no changes, I'd stick to his current ultra of awesome.

More Analysis of Ultras!

Okay, so here we have Adon vs Akuma, with Akuma showing off Demon Armageddon, his new Tatsu (kinda) ultra in which he kills you, surprise surprise. Akuma's never done that before. The line he says before shattering the giant blood ten (the kanji that appears is called ten, if you don't speak Japanese) is 'The other realm awaits', so if it wasn't for the fact he likes like the Tasmanian Devil, it'd be a pretty gruesome ultra. Looks fairly comboable, as he kicks up high fairly quickly, so FADC Ultra may be a possibility for Akuma now. If it is, I hope to god they nerfed him. Akuma with a high comeback potential is pretty insanulous (insane and rediculous in one word, update your dictionaries).

Other things in the video include Adon's FA having pretty good range and recovering fairly quickly, and EX Rising Jaguar's first hit kicks them really high, so for 3 bars you really should be able to land anything you can juggle with in his arsenal at the altitude they're falling from. His other ultra looks like it starts with a Rising Jaguar, but we can't see much because whoever activated it doesn't know how to play this game, so it should be juggleable, probably. Adon's pokes look fairly good as well, as his (I think) s.lk looks fairly quick with nice horizontal range. Nothing much else to say because I hate whoever does the Gamespot trailers. Seriously. Showing off the new ultras is cool and all, but if we could see something other than 'lol focus attacks', that'd be nice.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Overanalysis of a Work in Progress

For those of you who haven't seen yet (you poor, poor people), here's the new SSF4 trailer:

So, its time for a Pete overanaylsis of it!

There's not really much to say in this, due to most of it being for the lulz (costumes) or plot-based. Admittedly, as a (sadly) an expert on SF plot, I can analyze the plot, but the costumes, I can only say 'this is a take-off of this'. So, start off with the costumes. Here's what they're based on:

Rufus - Chinese vampire
Dan - Blanka (in the Famitsu article, Blanka gets Dan's, as well)
Balrog - I'd assume its just an overpayed rapper or some such, don't know specifically
Chun-Li - No idea, I'd assume a Japanese exclusive. Looks worse than her alt 1, though, imo.
Zangief - Several things would come to mind (Mecha Zangief, Colossus in particular), but its more likely a Mecha Zangief based on the Japanese robot craze, like Tranzor Z (the Z on the pants indicates that one).
Cammy - Cosplaying as Bison

Obviously Balrog's is the best, as it indicates he's been earning quite a bit of fight money. I'm disappointed he didn't buy a bike, though.

Plot-wise, apparantly Dee Jay and Rufus hate each other or something, despite having never exchanged any dialogue, but whatever, Rufus does that. On that note, Dhalsim is a total dick in his rival fight. Rufus just wants to know how he hovers, so Dhalsim beats him up? What an asshole. Total not yoga style. Ryu and Ken finally get the fight all the newcomers anticipated with 4, and got a 'wtf Sagat?' moment, even though Sagat is much more epic than Ken, but now we get both! Hooray. Sagat's off fighting Adon in the meantime, who apparantly wants some new power (probably the Satsui no Hadou that he would've discovered from Akuma when he went and fought him). Cody and Guy was to be expected, as that's what it was in Alpha 3, and they don't really have any other rivals. Well, Guy should fight Dan, since Dan did manage to hunt down a ninja just to get an invite to the SF2 tournament. That's not an easy task, you know. Oh, and Guile gets to be badass and fuck up Bison good. Pity Bison didn't get offered heart transplant surgery, that would've been a nice reference. The wording was probably a bit too much though, since Guile swears quite a bit at Bison in that sequence (SF2 movie, if you don't know it).

Now, onto the actual gameplay bit. First ultra up is Ken's new tatsu ultra, but with FIRE! When in doubt for a Ken move, take an old one and add fire. Always works. Looks fairly fast on startup, so he should be able to link it ala Balrog, but whether it'll be easy or not is hard to tell. Pretty long range, by the looks of it, as well, due to its fast travel time, so that should make linking easier. Damage isn't indicated, but if it is linkable, then it probably won't be much, unless the link is ungodly hard. FADC from a Shoryu also looks possible, if it can juggle. Timing would be difficult though, as you could go under them, like Tiger Destruction (that's why Sagat's combo needs the f+hk. Waiting is just too annoying and easy to screw up).

Next up is Yoga Shangri'la, the first completely new move of the new batch. Incidentally, Dhalsim's previous ultra is pretty much new, and both fit his character. Bravo, Capcom. It looks like an aerial grab, so should be unblockable, and easy to punish with due to air teleport. However, Catastrophe will be better against low tier characters still, imo, due to their difficulty getting in, and thus more potential damage with Catastrophe. I'd say both are viable, though, depending on 'playstyle' (do you force mistakes with your spacing or do you just win via attrition?), of course depending on frame data, though Shangri'la looks fast with pretty good range.

DEFENDING RUSSIA'S SKIES is a pretty awesome cinematic, really, and should greatly help Zangief's oki mixup. If you predict jump, now instead of keeping them down with Fist, you can jump up and still grab them! Not much else to say, just hoping it also has the 0 frame start-up of his current ultra. If it does, both are easily viable on different characters, to grant Zangief that extra bit of confusion he really needs on the characters that fuck him over (i.e. Sagat).

I don't really know what to say about El Fuerte's. It looks like a short range command grab, like Zangief's ultra, where he does a souped up version of his Haberno Dash hp (forgot the name). It could really improve his close-up game, via things like run stop ultra, but I can't really tell what it is. Again, I'd assume close range command grab with (hopefully) high damage, which would be a great option for El Fuerte, but depending on damage, I'd say his current ultra is probably better, as El Fuerte is easily capable of forcing a jump back on some characters, and then catching them with a run stop ultra, which has now become Kai's signature thing.

The One-Inch Punch is also a great cinematic, but I can't tell what it is, either. The little footjab is Fei Long's command grab thing, so it could be that, or it could just be a close range attack. Doesn't look very comboable if it is an attack, but I'm sure they'd let his current one juggle, so flame kick fadc ultra should be possible. I'd still pick this because its awesome, though. Best new ultra cinematic, probably best ultra cinematic in general. Maybe KKZ will beat it, if its added.

Typically, Shin Shoryukens aren't juggleable, and Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken probably will be the same, but they might surprise us. If it is, there's still a pretty big difference between this and Metsu Hadouken. Metsu Hadouken won't have startup invincibility, which the Shoryu probably will, while Shoryuken won't have the range to do Ex Tatsu > Ultra or Ex Fireball > Ultrax except maybe in the corner, which is pretty major knock to comboability. Frame data will really decide it between the two, so I can't really speculate at the moment. Punishing tool vs combo damage..

So, that's it for my overanalysis. Not really much new gameplay footage to talk about this time, alas. Hopefully I'll get to speculate about Dudley next trailer. :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010


So, after it was pointed out to me the advertising bot stops people linking in comments, you'll have to message them to me on msn at pete278@gmail.com. Anyway, nominees will be posted here, since I'm lazy and need to put them somewhere.

SD vs Andre: Game 3

CoolzInferno (I may have called him 'Weng') vs MrChowda

Ric vs J-Birds

DMG vs UTD Zac in a sausage commercial

M2K vs Ally at Apex

Funniest Moment:

SS/Tang vs Zhu/Lucky in Melee Doubles (I'm letting this be nominated because its still awesome, even if Vlade didn't actually read the rules. Come on Vlade, it clearly said 2009)

Best Salt/Johns Nominations:
  • SD Throwing controller
  • Ted and Shaya needing a match to 'chill out'

Best Pokemon Player:
  • Weng (self nominated :P)
  • Vlade (also self-nominated
  • Trav (guess who)
  • Me (and yet again)

Time For an Arbritrary Time Waster - Pete-style

Since I have nothing better to do, really, until I have another productive Skype conversation with Trav and/or Vlade and/or anyone, really or the tournament next week, I figured it'd be time for a contest. Basically, I'm going to use the polls for something productive this time! Also, its a cheap way to see how many people actually read my blog without having the polls rigged by people who read my blog too much. So, since this is primarily a fightan game blog, this will be primarily a fightan game thing, but I'm also trying to test whether or not any of my former MtG contacts read this (which they totally should, btw, I'm definitely going to get back into that). So, with no further ambiguity (though I am having fun describing it without saying anything meaningful), this will be a pretty standard 'woah best video competition' (and yes, I did steal the inspiration from srk.com).

So, you'll each be nominating a video in a category you feel qualified to nominate in (hell, even if you don't feel qualified). The video can be any competitors, of any country, of any time period applicable to the contest, hosted on any site that doesn't have viruses, so you can use nicovideo if you have an account there. Every person who nominates something will get their name put into a lottery, which the winner will get a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET SURPRISE or SSSS for short. I'm not paying for postage though, so if you're desperate for the SSSS and don't live in Perth, you can pay for postage, but I'm sure you won't care that much. Still worth nominating, though.

Without further a due ('Without further' is the most useful combination of two words, ever), the categories (if it doesn't state a game category, assume fighting. So, 'Best Match of 2009' is actually 'Best Fightan Match of 2009'):

Best Match of 2009:
Most Hilarious Moment of 2009:
Most Johns/Salty Moment of 2009:
Best Australian Match of 2009:
Best Clinch Moment of 2009:
Best Pokemon Player You Know (or, if you prefer, 'Best Pokemon Player That Also Reads This Blog and/or Plays Smash') of 2009 (this one doesn't need a video, just a name :P):
and lastly, just testing if anyone reads this from M-L: Best Magic Match of 2009:
Oh, and for Jardee: Gayest Warhammer Unit:

Be aware, I'm anticipating some categories going without nominees because this blog really isn't that popular. I blame this on you, the reader, for not informing your friends. I also expect Andy, who's watched too many American Brawl matches, to come up with too many nominations. You're allowed more than one nomination for each category, but you only get one entry into the raffle, regardless, and the poll won't be 'which videos got nominated the most' but 'which matches that got nominated, Pete liked the most'. This blog isn't a democracy, its a dictatorship. :P

Now, get nominating and relieve me of having to post anything meaningful for a bit longer.

EDIT: Oh, and you need a link to the video, not just a name, thanks. :P