Saturday, May 29, 2010

It takes a real man to wear sunglasses on a night operation

The completely irrelevant title out of the way, here's some creative writing to keep myself entertained. It'll probably finish abruptly when I go have lunch and forget about it.

"Reports have come in indicating the Chinese military has tripled its investment in Metagross cavalry, showing the rising tensions as they match the US army. The UN has come out saying it will do everything in its power to prevent a world war, but the opinion polls show the people don't have faith. Silph Co. has also commented on the tension, saying it promises every and all developments will be released globally, and they're not taking sides in the conflict. This was sparked by rumours they would only sell their military developments to the Asia-Pacific countries, which would hinder NATO forces should a war outbreak. More news on the rising tensions at 11." It was easy for everyone to see that this pseudo-war had gotten everyone nervous, but nobody could admit it. You could see in the reporter's eyes, even through a television set, that he was scared, and that he didn't want to believe what he was reporting, but he had to.

What happened to this world? Poaching is at an all-time high while the Rangers fail to stop it. Wild Stantlers and Staravias are being shot, stuffed and mounted faster than the species' can reproduce, and its going to show, but nobody can stop it. The smarter Gengars are eagerly taking sides with thieves and petty criminals, just waiting to cause some chaos in the system. If someone doesn't stop the crime rings soon, the economy is going to hit a depression purely from the banks being broke. Rumours abound that the Russian Spetsnaz are employing Ghost Squads, equipped with not only sleeper agents, but trained and armed Scizors and Salamence. The government promised that Mewtwo doesn't exist, and no such genetic experiments were done, but you can almost feel the lurking threat of Mewtwo and his army, ready to make a new world out of Earth. What is the world going to do about something that can deflect anything you throw at it, and snap your mind in half when its done?

The world could be doing so well, too. The new wrestling leagues are great, with Machamp and Heracross that can actually do the fighting the old pro wrestlers had to act, and its plain to see for anyone that they enjoy the competition. The communication industry is booming, with the old Magneton satellites being replaced by the new Magnezone ones. The Olympics is going to be on soon, as well, with the extremely popular Charizard riding finally getting its first shot as an event. Maybe all the laughter is just a way to avoid the oncoming destruction nobody wants to talk about.

Leaving my apartment, and stepping out into the cold air, it looks exactly like a world on the brink would. Everything's grey, and everyone walks briskly down the packed sidewalks, ignoring everything except their destination and the pokemon at their side. Everyone's got a Scizor with them these days, to protect them from muggers, though they're not as necessary after the government outlawed public usage of Garchomps. Still, everyone wants to feel safe, and the crime lords are hardly going to listen to the law now. Its funny how, despite all the negative abuse by the Soviet Union in the days of old, Scizor is probably the only thing holding this world together.

Not many people can notice it, either, but its possible to pinpoint the day the world started this slide down. The day the two Deoxys entered the atmosphere, the day the government abducted one and began research on it, and the day the original Deoxys virus was released into the public by accident. Its mostly hidden from the public eye, but Deoxys was a virus corrupted and mutated by falling through the atmosphere, and the the people of Earth just weren't well equipped enough to handle the plague when it came. The other Deoxys released the virus as part of a defence mechanism to get its comrade back, but the secret government refused to release such a great tool. The other Deoxys is still out there somewhere, maybe with Mewtwo, maybe with Russia, maybe on its on, but I can guarantee its not going to sit down and cry about it. The plague crashed everything, sending millions of people sick and overloading the hospitals. Hundreds of thousands died, and are still dying today, as the plague still continues its way through Hell's Kitchen. I can't even imagine how the world'd be today if we never tried to control Deoxys.

That's what caused the Mewtwo Insurrection, as well. We couldn't use Deoxys, so we decided to make something better with the research from Deoxys. Mewtwo was too smart, too good, though. When Deoxys just died, Mewtwo got enraged, and destroyed the research facility, taking the other test pokemon with him. We don't know where he is, now, or what he wants. I joined the army to help the people, but how am I meant to help when the world is infected with greed?

My walk to the free clinic is as normal. The sky looks sickly and black, and has done ever since people tried to control Kyogre and Groudon. If Rayquaza was still around, maybe we'd be able to fix the weather, at least, but nobody knows where it went. We knew it could block our radar with its air lock, but no planes we've sent to scout have reported anything. Why Rayquaza is hiding, I can't begin to fathom, but a nagging part of me says it can't bare to look at what's happened to its beloved planet. Its the same thing with the old temples. The Regi guardians that stand guardian to the temples won't allow any people in, and are prepared to die rather than lay down their arms. As far as the records show, the only thing inside was a giant statue that resembled the Regis, with no value in a war, but if they're worth guarding, there must be something else inside.

I don't know what I was expecting, but the sight of the free clinic being packed to the brim again fills me with sorrow. The Deoxys Plague can mutate like the common cold, so even surviving it once isn't a safety. There's a vaccine in the works, but even when its finished, its so expensive it'll only be administered to the 'important' people, and these people in the slums, the ones who can't escape its death grip, will never even hear of it. I'm lucky, because the military wanted a test subject for it, and I obliged, so I could help out here. If they're lucky, they'll die now, and won't have to go through the disease again and again until they do die. The Chanseys and Blisseys can help with the pain, but the way these people are screaming, I can't imagine they can do enough. If only Celebi or Jirachi were more than just old legends, then they could help everyone here.

The Church of Arceus is calling this the End of Days, because we've sinned, and Arceus has sent his divine retribution in the form of Deoxys. We tried to control what we shouldn't, and so now we die. Seems like an ample punishment to me, given the circumstances. When you need armed guards, teamed with Garchomps and Wobbuffets protecting a free clinic, its obvious something needs to change. Maybe a war would be best, if it ended right. Or maybe it'd end wrong and everyone would die, or Mewtwo would succeed in his genocide, or Deoxys would finish the job and get his revenge. Still, I need to keep my mind on the job at hand, and start handing out the painkillers to the people crying in the halls.

"Recent evidence discovered by the police indicates that the child kidnapper in Brooklyn isn't a human, but a Hypno. It is yet to be discovered whether it is working for a trainer, or is acting alone. This interview was recorded with the chief investigator on the case earlier today," The same reporter from before caught my eye on the small CRT hanging in the corner, as it cut to the interview. "It is a known fact that Hypnos need to feed off dreams, but we've never had an outbreak like this where a Hypno would kidnap anyone in a suburban city just to feed. We're currently assuming a trainer is bribing it with the dreams to get the children." The officer looked afraid as he said that, almost wanting to blurt out that it was more likely the Hypno was acting alone, but couldn't.

A scream from outside broke my train of thought, as I dropped everything and ran to help. "Wooooobuffet!" was the only noise I could hear over the two armed guards chuckling to each other, as the man lay helpless, almost catatonic, on the ground. "Idiots don't know when to quit, do they?" One of the guards was muttering to the other, before turning to the crying man. "How's the Shadow Tag feel?" The guard continued, laughing as he spoke. "Have you ever been Shadow Tagged, sir? Do you know the horrible mental agony it puts you through?" I yelled at the guards, doing my best to help the civilian. "This man attacked us, so we responded with non-lethal force. Or would you rather my Chomp tear him to bits?" The guard sneered, as his Garchomp roared with anticipation. "Everyone's in a panic right now. You could've just tasered him, you didn't need to Shadow Tag." I replied, helping the man to his feet into the clinic. The guards continue to laugh, and as I turn to reply to them, something catches my eye. In the sky, for barely any time, I could swear I saw Ho-oh, before it rose back through the smog-like clouds. I decide not to yell at the guards, smiling with hope as I walk back into the clinic. Maybe this world can be saved.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

PPPP Revival~

Take a look, hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as the last two. :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Because I'm not black enough, fo'shizzle

So, with the sequel to the world's most hype game ever coming out, I'm sure every one of you is wondering the one question: who will be on the roster? The crossover series really lose their hype if you don't know enough of the characters, but at the same time, only the same mainstay characters everytime can hinder the hype, causing a mix of the mainstay and obscure to be required. Basically, with Marvel and Capcom both picking their individual characters with much discussion, I'm sure they'll make the perfect roster, but here's some stuff that I'm still hoping for in complete and utter false hope.

Starting off with the Capcom hopes leads the mighty 4chan hero, Fanman from Megaman. Fanman basically represents 4chan in that he blows away anyone he's ever cared about, and is quite sad and depressed and lonely...in their fanfiction. In the actual game, he has next to no backstory, but is still quite badass in that he fights with a fan. Maybe he'll get in as one of Dr. Wily's summonable assists (ala Doronjo in TvC or the zombies for Jill in MvC2), but realistically, he won't be a playable character. Still, if they're going for fanservice and want to draw 4chan in, maybe in some parallel universe far away, Fanman is playable.

Second up is Tron Bonne from Megaman Legends and her own spinoff, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. She is the anti-hero inventor of the Servbots, who now also exist in Frank West's world in Dead Rising as a bunch of toys. Nonetheless, she was a playable character in MvC2 (a well designed and creative one at that, might I add), and is a good way to get the well known Servbots 'playable'. Also, I play her on Team Z, so, y'know, she's cool. But alas, she's in the background of the Megaman Legends stage (indicates Megaman Volnutt is back, btw), though fanservice is supposed to abound in this game, so maybe all the stages are really 'interactive'. Possible, but unlikely for a character that's (now) as obscure as Tron. Oh well, still hope.

Turned into a god after being born from a genetic control program by a virus designed to interact with you, then assimilating another plague would probably make you perfectly zany for the Versus series. This, of course, describes the mighty Resident Evil villain, Albert Wesker. With his super strength, Ouroboros tentacles, guns, and whatever else you could possibly dream of, Wesker is probably a good chance for MvC3, given that Chris got a rather large spotlight, indicating a like of the RE franchise for MvC3. So, hopefully Wesker'll make it in.

While charge characters tend to be fairly bad in Mahvel, it wouldn't be too hard to redesign the mighty Bison to fit in with the new insane speed. The whole 'kneel before my psycho power!' thing gives him alot of room to move in, since you can pretty much make him do anything. With cinematics supers, as well, Psycho Punisher could be a fairly cool redesigned ultra. Nonetheless, the main reason I want Bison in is because, if and when Marvel make a crossover comic series, Bison teaming up with Doom would be the coolest evil partnership ever. No, seriously. They'd inevitably backstab each other, as well, so it'd be amazing. Even better than Bison and Magneto was in MvC1.

To alot of people, Darkstalkers simply doesn't exist, and even if it does, they see it as 'Street Fighter with monsters', even though they play nothing alike. Such is the curse of the casual. The fact that Morrigan and Felicia are already in indicates no more, but I'd still like to hope the big bad Jedah makes it in, given his popularity in the series, his position as a big villain (though you could argue Pyron or Demetri are more important), and his playstyle would be unique. Plus, he's another Capcom character you could give flight to, which are pretty slim in numbers. Given that Tyrant isn't going to be due to gruesomeness, however, I doubt Jedah, with his disconnected hands rising up from a pit of blood sweep, has much of a chance. As with the others, though, hope is a virtue.

To finish up Capcom, we've got a character who, to alot of people, represents the Marvel series. With the new Capcom directive, I can see the mighty Captain Commando being left out, and that kinda scares me, because he's such a nice tie-in to Capcom's past, and such a badass hero. Seriously, he's a commando ranked captain who can summon a ninja commando to help him. What more could you want? The fact alot of people wouldn't recognize him at all, let alone immediately, is a threatening prospect for him, though.

Onto Marvel now, and let's start with everyone's favourite anti-hero, stripper devouring, symbiote-wearer, Venom! Venom had a great, unique design in MvC (though, as with some other characters, noobs will go 'hurr spiderman clone' because they don't understand the game), and I'd really hope they'd continue him through into MvC3. He's probably one of the most well known Marvel villains, up there with Doom and Magneto, and I can't really see Marvel leaving him out. The lack of a Spiderman silhouette is frightening, though, since I can't see Venom without Spidey, but time will tell.

Even though its probably him in the sillhouettes, Dr. Doom is also another villain who's gotta make it in. He's well known, fights pretty much the entire Marvel mainstay (not many villains can really say they've done that), and has his unique MAGICCC playstyle. Also, this ties in well with my Bison summary, since, again, Bison and Doom would be an awesome evil cabal partnership.

With a new movie coming up (well, two, if you count The Avengers, which better be hype as all hell, btw), and being a pretty big badass, Thor is yet another probable shoe-in. Plenty of possibility for unique moves with Mjolnir, and plenty of room for lightening being thrown in every direction. Also, if he makes it in, all the important (sorry Yellowjacket) founding members of the Avengers will be in, which would really be perfect for Marvel's history. I mean, I'd also like the complete founding New Avengers to be in, but I can't see Luke Cage making it, alas.