Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Master Blast #4: Gentlemanliness

I didn't intentionally make Dudley's skin tone similar to the wood ground, I swear. Also, this comic does not reflect my opinion on tea.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Length is Important

So by now, I'm sure most of you have seen the THC trick with Frank to get to level 5 in one combo. The Frank boards kinda already knew this worked after PiKiE said it probably did and everyone knew that Million Dollars goes for a million years. Anyone he'd seen the tricks you could do with Jill/Dante THCs probably would guess it'd work, but I guess it helps that Machinegun Spray is the shortest hyper in the game. Nonetheless, Million Dollars isn't alone in this category. Any other long hypers can work. So, without further adue, I'll get right into the list of hypers that'll probably work with Frank:

Dante: Million Dollars (of course)
Nemesis: whatever that rocket hyper's called (this might actually be even longer than Million Dollars)
Shuma-Gorath: Hyper Mystic Smash (also near Million Dollars in length, but you do have to use Mystic Smash assist, which probably isn't what you want)
Amaterasu: Okami Shuffle (this one is more inconvenient to use since I doubt you'd be able to get two camera shots off it, but because of the hard knockdown at the end, it definitely could be possible)
Hulk: Gamma Quake (this one probably won't work out of the corner because Frank moves from where the rocks would fall, but still looks good in the corner)
Morrigan: Finishing Shower (goes for aaaages, but you get so little extra damage off it)
Rocket Raccoon: Rock and Roll (bit shorter than Million Dollars, but looks like it'll still work)

From here onwards, its more guesswork than the above in that I'm less sure if these'll work. This is more of a 'to test' pile of characters than the above list:
Wesker: MAXIMUM WESKER/Phantom Dance (the problem with this one is that it carries them up so far that I don't know if you'll be able to get the two camera shots needed for 5 off in time after a super jump)
Tron: King Servbot (I'm not sure if this one moves far enough along to keep up with Frank's shopping cart but it should be good in the corner)
Zero: Rekkoha (Same problem as Wesker, but also not sure if it'll actually last long enough in the first place)
Modok: Hyper Psionic Blaster (I'm certain this would work with 9 Levels of Understanding, but it might be a bit on the short side otherwise.)
Trish: Round Harvest (same problem as Wesker again)
Spider-man: Crawler Assault (it causes a hard knockdown now which should be usable, but it might finish before Frank)
Storm: Ice Storm (might be a bit too short, we'll see)
Magneto: Magnetic Tempest (I'm even sure if this one starts up in time for enough of the chunks to hit, really.)
Sentinel: Hyper Sentinel Force (this one should work, but again, the last wave might hit before Frank finishes)
Arthur: Goddess Bracelet (I'm fairly confident in this one, but time issues again)
Ghost Rider: any of his hypers (they both seem to go for a while, should work fine. I doubt he even has the bike has a THC, really)

There's a few other hypers I'm really doubtful might work, so I'm not going to bother putting them here. If only Inferno and Power of the Nova Force went for a bit longer, they get so many hits.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reposting it here because its so good as usual, not that anyone here won't have seen it anyway

Rocket Raccoon is looking really annoying and Frank's looking pretty good, didn't realise how far Giant Swing moved him forward. Certainly hope its safe on block, since that'll be really useful at level 1 without a roll.

And yes, its called a Paddlesaw.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Cover Wars

Perhaps one day I'll make a comic that's actually funny. :( Also shoutouts to 8-bit sprites for being really hard to make look sexy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping it Classy

So I've decided to just 'suck it up, princess' and put effort into an SF4 character. I like Oni and all, but I only really played him because he was a super saiyan that didn't require much tech skill for cr.lp cr.lp cr.mp xx tatsu combos. But, with Ultimate so close yet so far away, I'm hardly going to be putting time into MvC3, so I figured I might as well try and learn something for OHR. So, assuming I don't bitch out, I'll be playing Dudley at OHR (like I've been wanting to since Super came out in the first place, such a failure). I obviously won't be doing combo video-style links with him, but I'm sure I can get the basic bnbs (i.e. cr.lk cr.lp st.hp xx machine gun blow into jugglesss) down in time. Plus, Dudley is a nice character for me to be putting effort into, since getting better with a character like him will help me get better at any game I try to play, since he needs fundamentals, tech skill and mixups to work well. So, when I put it like that, its hard to decide to not play him. 

Also, if I can't get Frank West gimmicks down in time for OHR (i.e. levelling shenanigans, but I'm sure I'll be able to) I'll just play the cheapest thing I can find, since I'd be letting down AsG otherwise. I'll try and record videos of whatever shenanigans I can find (from any character, really, not just Frank) but they definitely won't be uploaded until after OHR, since I'm a stingy bastard like that. By that time, I imagine everything I find will have been found, but oh well. You never know, Vlade might find something useful. :P

Friday, November 4, 2011

Type-Wild Bitches

So, I think most people reading this will be aware of the fan-made 2d fighting game, Pokemon Type-Wild. Some guy in SoCal made it pretty well known after discovering a version of the game online, and everyone was sad to discover the guy making it stopped work in 2009, since it was pretty damn fun. Sprites were well drawn, the cast was a bit diverse (Blaziken, Lucario, Snorlax, Combusken, Gardevoir, Gengar, Breloom, and Swalot is a pretty good roster, except Combusken was a bit of an...odd choice, and I still find the lack of Scizor odd. Who doesn't like Scizor?), and the mechanics were fairly well done, including, beyond all the usual stuff, a Guilty Gear-style barrier, and assists. 

Well, last month, after a long hiatus, the developer must've seen the videos and thought 'wow, people all over the world like my game!' because a new version came out, with new stages and playable Lopunny added to the cast. I'd hoped he'd add the Charizard he sprited up before Lopunny but oh well, game needs more fanservice, right? There's even a full website back up for the game, here: http://www.pokesho.com/typewild/mein.php (incidentally, that's also where you download the game, free of charge (get it? Its because Pikachu isn't in the game. My puns are so re-volt-ing.) The thing's in Japanese, but there's enough that you can gleam from screenshots, really. 

Insert 'Dramatic Entry' joke here (actually, he may have been going for that)

So, if the developer is willing to continue work on the game if people show interest (which is what the new version seems to convey), then I'd be willing to run tournaments for people in the Perth area. I mean, come on, who doesn't like Pokemon? Its not as easy to get setups for a PC-based game, mind you, but I have a few ideas on how I could get tournaments to work. I doubt its ever going to get to Evo (then again, Melty did, and that's certainly higher risk than this), but its still an enjoyable game that I think would be great if we could all put a little bit of effort on the side into it. 

So, leave your comments below or post them on Facebook or something else. I mean, I doubt anyone will even read this, but still, 7 man tournaments haven't killed BlazBlue off yet.

Burned: Its what you'll be if you slander this game

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New banner

Yeah, new banner up like I said in Facebook and twitter. There'll be a different EVUL GRIMDARKKKK one when Relius' sprite gets ripped, with, I dunno, Akuma and MANLINESS and such on it. You'll randomly get one from the two whenever you load a page on the site. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Original Joke Do Not Steal

And now, just as bad as the first, Master Blast #2

I can control it because she's totally getting nerfed

So, it'd seem like having blogs is the cool thing to do at the moment, and by 'cool', I mean Weng's doing it again and I refuse to be bested by him. Plus I've still got this url until the end of January, so it feels bad to waste it. The blog's name isn't all too relevant anymore since I haven't played Pokemon in a while, but Scizor's still OU because Bullet Punch is still an amazing move, so whatever, works fine. Plus, most of what I do now is fighting games, and Pokemon fight, right? Anyway, getting on with the post.

So, for those of you who don't know, I'm a pretty big Dead Rising fan. As someone who's a little bitch, its a bit funny for me to be a fan of zombie games, since even the newer Resident Evils scare me. Luckily, Dead Rising wasn't scary in the slightest, due to its highly comedic undertones, but the drama it managed to maintain with the fact that thousands of people are dead, some to psychopaths, was impressive. Frank's one liners manage to match even Horatio Caine at points. 'I always knew you had a crush on me, but I don't go for flat girls' is probably my favourite, and its not hard to work out the context of it from the obviousness of the puns.

Getting back to the point, Frank West is now in my mainstay fighting game, Marvel vs Capcom 3. I'm probably a bigger Spidey fan than Dead Rising fan, but with the web-slinger being nerfed in a most painful way (movement options and damage going down for a character that was about B tier is never a good sign) I'm going to try to move onto Frank in Ultimate so I can at least try and stay in mid-tier. I have no qualms against playing low tier characters, but I do like being able to win, so if he's B-tier or higher (obvious just in terms of feel, since we all know early tier lists exist only so we can laugh about how wrong we were later on), I'll try to commit. So, with that in mind, I was quite hype for Frank. I thought for sure he'd be revealed at NYCC, since Capcom was convinced that people in the West loved Frank, but evidently they realised that Phoenix Wright might be a bit more of an important reveal. I thought Frank was going to be revealed early on, to be honest, given he was meant for vanilla and thus should've been completed soon, especially since he was probably going to be a clone of TvC. Thankfully, since TvC Frank was neither good, nor felt like Frank, I was completely wrong.

Assuming everyone here has seen the trailer and gameplay videos, its fairly easy to tell straight away Frank is nothing like his TvC version. Not only are his moves quite different, including being able to use his camera on point, he has something almost unknown to fighting games: a level up mechanic. The way this works is by taking pictures, Frank can build up photography points, or PP. Starting off at 0, it takes roughly 5, then 20, then 50, and finally 100, to get to each level. Each level either improves his existing moves or gives him new moves, such as the amazing Cap-esque cartwheel and otg sweep at level 2, the ground bounce on his otg axe increasing in size, and at level 4, all his normals gain access to the famous Paddlesaw, a chainsaw connected to an oar. This obviously increases his range greatly, and also gives his normals chip damage. At level 5, his damage goes up even higher, so I can't really fathom him not being powerful at that level. The trouble, of course, is getting there.

Each photograph he takes is worth one PP, but gains an additional PP for each hit in the combo before it. Since the camera otgs, this makes it quite easy to get a few points in one shot even with Frank by himself. A basic LMHS MMHS chain gives you 9 points, so if you can work in one more hit, it'll only take two combos to get level 3. Of course, this opens wide up with assists. Using Dormammu's Dark Hole as a good example, since it deals 10 hits, you can do an impressive LMHS MMHS camera, call Dormammu, relaunch MMHS, camera, to gain 33 points in one combo. If you add in another assist, which must presumably be a wall or ground bounce or hitstun decay will make them drop out, you get, with Nemesis assist as an example, LMHS MMHS camera, call Dormammu, relaunch, MHS, camera, Nemesis, S, j.S, camera, for a ridiculous amount of points in one combo off the most basic chain possible. If you can add in his lightning legs-esque stab move, who knows if you can get even more hits? Furthermore, camera is super-cancellable, so you can go camera xx cart hyper and not sacrifice any damage while getting these levels. If you wanted to burn x-factor or risk the vomit of the alcohol, I have no doubt you could get level 5 in only one combo. So, then you have to wonder, how easy is it for Frank to get in at level 1?

Of course, with his huge range at level 4 and hype, coupled with the roll through projectiles from level 2 and up, Frank should have no real problems with any keepaway less hardcore than Hawkeye and Arthur. But with only one point each from camera shots, it'll take a bit to get to that level 4. Frank's zombie summoning ability returns from TvC to remind everyone that Dead Rising is, in fact, a zombie franchise, but its done different this time. Rather than focusing him around zombies like the TvC version did (rather incorrectly, really, given how much Frank has access to), we've only seen two zombie moves so far, rather than the ability to summon zombies at any of three points on the screen, plus the zombie shopping cart, plus the ability to giant swing zombies. The first is a zombie toss, which works much akin to the few bubble projectiles you see in fighting games. The zombie, if it hits, grabs the opponent, holding them in hitstun for long enough for Frank to down a bottle of alcohol, then decide if he wants to hit them. This should be a perfectly fine pressure tool, since you can't really risk the hit from the zombie. The second is the zombie giant swing, where Frank spins a zombie around and then tosses them. This looks a bit too slow to be useful, but it may have super armour or some other property we haven't seen yet. The move had hyper armour in TvC if I remember right, so let's hope for that. He also has a pie projectile that does pretty pathetic damage, but travels in a nice arc, and apparently gets better as he goes up in levels, so that should be useful for closing the distance at early levels too. 

Once in, Frank has two supers in addition to his basic combo hyper, the shopping cart. The first is an invincible startup level 1, which, as everyone knows thanks to Bionic Arm, can be dangerous. So if the opponent tries to throw a projectile too close to you, you can always just throw this out if you have the meter to get in on them in the knockdown time. The second is an anti-air grab somewhat reminiscent of his level 3 from TvC, but except for the animation, is more similar to She-Hulk's anti-air super. Since we're assuming here you're building around Frank and thus have good assists for him to use with the camera otg, you can also get a full combo off this with a camera otg into combo afterwards. Failing that, you can still just throw out camera xx shopping cart for a bit of extra damage. This should be good, ignoring potential start-up and invulnerability issues, for preventing the opponent for simply jumping and air dashing straight out of the corner, which is where any rushdown character not named Captain America wants you to be. Frank also has, in addition to the camera, a self-otg should you want to just get more damage and use on of your assists to get in. Doctor Doom's Plasma Beam is probably the one I'd go for, since that also gives you a way to mixup with roll and Doom is looking pretty great in Ultimate. And, of course, he has his knee drop that cancels all momentum and drops him, which should be greatly useful for surprise crossups.

Let's say, though, that you want to run Frank but have someone else you want on point. Thankfully, we already know Frank's assists. His first makes him run forward with a shopping cart. This one got used a lot in the gameplay footage but we didn't see it hit much, so I don't know whether its a hard/soft knockdown or air techable, which makes it hard to determine its value. It could be as good as Akuma's old tatsu, but its hard to say yet. His second does his on point mini-lightning legs repeated stab move, which also increases in power with level in the same way the point version does. Given this one gets better, its probably the assist you'll want as point Frank for when you tag Frank out to heal. His last one is Morrigan and Ammy's meter building assist, though we don't know the timing on it yet. It may as fast and amazing as Morrigan's or as slow and useless as Ammy's, but here's hoping its the first. A lot of people expected him to have his camera as an assist, like TvC, but I guess they decided an otg assist that let's him level up off-screen was a bit too good. I agree with them here, as it'd greatly diminish the impact of the level up ability, and make him into a straight 'run this guy as anchor because he'll always be better there' character. 

So, with all this in mind, I'm really happy with how Frank looks in UMvC3, and glad they tried harder to represent him as him than TvC did. Also, even after seeing how awesome Rocket Raccoon looks, I'm still happy with my decision to be more hype for Frank, though I, like everyone else, thought Frank would be revealed with Nova. I think, if that were the case, people would be a lot more happy with Frank than him standing in RR's hype shadow at the moment (based on impression's from SRK's opinion at the moment).

So, how was this for a first post back? Leave your comments either here or on the Facebook status I'll inevitably make for it. Or just tell me on msn, I guess.

Also, looking at the tags tells me I have posted very, very little since Marvel came out. I'll have to change that.

EDIT: Now with movelist confirmation!
236L for the stabby move
236M for the baseball bat
236H for the otg ground bounce hammer
623A gives you the roundhouse kick, L for middle, M for low, H for feint
63214+A gives you the zombie giant swing projectile
Charge back forward gives you the zombie bubble projectile (profound sadness)
6H is the pie projectile
22H for the wine chug that boosts camera
236S gives you the camera itself
And lastly, A+S gives you the roll

Friday, June 17, 2011

oh god what have i done

When most people stay up late, they make bad decisions. Saying dumb things to the girl they fancy, buying shit they don't need, whatever. Me, though? I make bad sprite comics.

Arakune is saying 'Well, is it?', if you can't interpret Arakune's fractured English, by the way.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


*insert picture of dizzy Tron here*

Quite frankly, that should be all I need to make for this blog post, but I'm going to a bit nicer and elaborate: as some of you may know, I'm a big Tron Bonne fan. 14 year old dominatrices are hot, just saying. Well, they're not hot yet, since they're illegal in most of the world, but they'll grow up to be hot. And so, Tron being usable in MvC3 both as her old assist whore form with a new face, Gustaff Flame (more usable than it was in MvC2!) and on point with j.C shenanigans (hence the post) makes me feel good. Her needing an OTG assist to increase her damage output to stupid levels made me less so, but then I remembered Wesker's Samurai Edge serves that purpose and Wesker does, indeed, frighten me. Finally, I'd already decided on Spidey because the wall-crawler is one of my favourite Marvel heroes because I'm also a socially poor nerd who got bitten by a spider while on a science field trip once. Also because he's pretty fast, his comboes are semi-easy when you have an OTG assist and mixups galore with Gustaff Flame assist. 

But, yeah, back to Mahvel, posting is interrupting precious training time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

May our blessings sever the tongues of the forsaken

Not much has really happened so far. Still can't decide on my main in AH3, cleaned my desk, applied for a tax file number (which means, shock horror, Pete will actually apply for a job soon) and started learning some of the stock phrases from All Will Be One (only in text at the moment, I can't get the accent right..), particularly 'We are perfection made flesh', which will be written down the left hand side of the custom gamemat I'm working on making at the moment. Note that my drawing capabilities leave something to be desired, so the gamemat will be terribly ugly, but whatever.

Also started digitally working on modifying card faces, so that I can make that Elesh Norn deck with cards printed entirely in Phyrexian. And, best of all, as long as the art is sufficiently recognizable, they'll be tournament legal! I'll be able to win FNM for the glory of the Father of Machines! 

But yeah, for the moment, nothing really going on. Word on the street is Pot Black has AE, so I'll have to test that out, and will post on it once I find out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More on Pete's AH3 Experience

So, yeah, I've tried out pretty much the whole cast now, though I'll admit I haven't tried every arcana yet (particularly Mirror, I haven't even considered it yet because I'm not nearly librarian enough yet), and, although I'm still liking Lilica, Kira and Lieselotte are really sticking with me (as they did in AH2, so, yeah, don't know what I was expecting to happen). I probably don't have the tech skill necessary for Lieselotte, or the dedication (since MvC3 will inevitably consume me, no matter how much I want to play AH3), so that brings it down to Kira and Lilica. Based entirely on appearance, as well, they're both awesome (demons <3 and sukumizu <3), so yeah, I'll feel good regardless of which I go with. More updates for the few of you that actually care tomorrow, though tomorrow will probably be a Magic update day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pete's Amazing Room

Pictures should explain it all, really:

Easily the largest post I've ever made, in terms of megabytes.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I can't control it!

If you don't get the post name, its what Phoenix says when she onmnomnoms your 5 bars of meters and comes back as Dark Phoenix, i.e. her Resurrection. Get it? Man, I'm so funny.

Anyway, WACE ended, I didn't have much to post about while fear I may have screwed up consumed me, until results came back. I got an 88 ATAR, but mucked up English, so I had to sit the STAT. Again, nothing to post while fear consumed me, until I got in the top 1% of the state. So, then I had little time between that and uni offers, so I had to set up my uni application. I got into my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science double degree course, and I'll be majoring in Japanese and Physics, as I wanted to. So, after setting up my units, getting my student card, and officially enrolling, I'm finally done setting myself up for uni, and ready to waste time posting on here again.

I haven't actually played Pokemon much at all for a while, so the name isn't really all too appropriate anymore, but eh, I've already paid for another year on it, so screw it, its staying. I'm back into Magic, which will give me something to post about and something to make more people read, which are -both- things I enjoy (supposedly) doing. I went 4-1 at the MBS prerelease and scored myself a Blightsteel Colossus, for those that care. He'll be staying in my possession, but the Skithyrix and Green Sun's Zenith I opened will both be sold to feed my need for money, and to pay Azli off. On that note, anyone who's got any Sliver legends they wish to sell me for my Sliver EDH deck, please throw me a message. Particularly Sliver Overlord, since we all know he's the best commander for Slivers, since he tutors up the other two, but I don't have any at the moment, which makes running the deck completely impossible. I'm also missing a few other important Slivers, but I'm okay with proxying them. Proxying the general is a no go, though. Oh, Sliver MPR tokens are good too, so if you've got any of them, cheers. They'd be nice alongside my Brood Sliver, nice and official.

In terms of fighting games this weekend, I got 5th at Waicon and inspired a bunch of salt in one Klayton. Unfortunately, I'm too broke to do a hype made money match, but whatever. Next tournament, maybe.  Andrew Salanki's SSF4 tournament featuring Pete vs Klayton $50 money match. I'd like to do a Gief/Haggar cosplay next year at waicon, but it'd be hard to do EXTREME MANLINESS and a crossplay in the same weekend, so I'll have to get a chest wig or something. We'll see how it goes. In addition, I've pretty much settled on Lilica as my main for AH3 at the moment, and I'm liking Luck Arcana, partially because I like leaving it to chance, partially because I doubt people can take advantage of the random CHs on me, and partially because of the mad oki that dice gives you. But, yeah, arcana's likely to change, I'll give Wind a shot next.

Obviously, like everyone else ever, I'm incredibly hyped for Marvel vs Capcom 3, and I'm looking forward to trying a starting team of Haggar/:Lei-Lei/Morrigan, though Weng has been pushing me to actually stick to a theme and go Team Darkstalkers, which I'll probably give a shot anyway. I'll also probably give MSS a shot, mind you, since scrubs be mad salty about the 'fucking god tier team that all the f*g scrubs will play and win with no skill', despite the game not being out yet and, just a guess, they probably got nerfed. Plus, who knows, maybe it'll be fun.

Lastly, on the anime side of things, I picked up a ton of Tsukihime stuff at Waicon, including a deliciously cute Phantasmoon figure, and pictures will be up of all my new stuff and my entire room put together as it is (in case you missed something new being added). In addition, work on my cosplay for Supanova (and probably being reused at Waicon next year) will be posted here as it gets done (i.e. very, very slowly).

On one last final note, does anyone know of any manga about traps that I probably don't know about? Please send me any names, cheers.

Until next time, for the Sliver Hive and for the Queen.