Friday, November 11, 2011

Length is Important

So by now, I'm sure most of you have seen the THC trick with Frank to get to level 5 in one combo. The Frank boards kinda already knew this worked after PiKiE said it probably did and everyone knew that Million Dollars goes for a million years. Anyone he'd seen the tricks you could do with Jill/Dante THCs probably would guess it'd work, but I guess it helps that Machinegun Spray is the shortest hyper in the game. Nonetheless, Million Dollars isn't alone in this category. Any other long hypers can work. So, without further adue, I'll get right into the list of hypers that'll probably work with Frank:

Dante: Million Dollars (of course)
Nemesis: whatever that rocket hyper's called (this might actually be even longer than Million Dollars)
Shuma-Gorath: Hyper Mystic Smash (also near Million Dollars in length, but you do have to use Mystic Smash assist, which probably isn't what you want)
Amaterasu: Okami Shuffle (this one is more inconvenient to use since I doubt you'd be able to get two camera shots off it, but because of the hard knockdown at the end, it definitely could be possible)
Hulk: Gamma Quake (this one probably won't work out of the corner because Frank moves from where the rocks would fall, but still looks good in the corner)
Morrigan: Finishing Shower (goes for aaaages, but you get so little extra damage off it)
Rocket Raccoon: Rock and Roll (bit shorter than Million Dollars, but looks like it'll still work)

From here onwards, its more guesswork than the above in that I'm less sure if these'll work. This is more of a 'to test' pile of characters than the above list:
Wesker: MAXIMUM WESKER/Phantom Dance (the problem with this one is that it carries them up so far that I don't know if you'll be able to get the two camera shots needed for 5 off in time after a super jump)
Tron: King Servbot (I'm not sure if this one moves far enough along to keep up with Frank's shopping cart but it should be good in the corner)
Zero: Rekkoha (Same problem as Wesker, but also not sure if it'll actually last long enough in the first place)
Modok: Hyper Psionic Blaster (I'm certain this would work with 9 Levels of Understanding, but it might be a bit on the short side otherwise.)
Trish: Round Harvest (same problem as Wesker again)
Spider-man: Crawler Assault (it causes a hard knockdown now which should be usable, but it might finish before Frank)
Storm: Ice Storm (might be a bit too short, we'll see)
Magneto: Magnetic Tempest (I'm even sure if this one starts up in time for enough of the chunks to hit, really.)
Sentinel: Hyper Sentinel Force (this one should work, but again, the last wave might hit before Frank finishes)
Arthur: Goddess Bracelet (I'm fairly confident in this one, but time issues again)
Ghost Rider: any of his hypers (they both seem to go for a while, should work fine. I doubt he even has the bike has a THC, really)

There's a few other hypers I'm really doubtful might work, so I'm not going to bother putting them here. If only Inferno and Power of the Nova Force went for a bit longer, they get so many hits.


  1. What about Iron Fist?

  2. Iron Fist could work, but I'm not sure if the super goes for long enough. Iron Fist definitely recovers quite quickly after it, but it looks to go for about the same length of time as Frank's cart.